Date : 9 / dec / 2017
Tijd : 19:30 UUR Aanvang: 20:00 UUR Huisregels de Meester
Locatie : Grote zaal Attend on Facebook
Prijs : VVK: DEUR €6,- ONLINE: €7,30 | AVONDKASSA €9,-


VVK: DEUR €6,- ONLINE: €7,30 | AVONDKASSA €9,-

AHHHRRR! Alle hens aan dek! Vanavond is het piratentijd! Maak je klaar voor folk muziek met muzikanten als piraten. Met de aanstekelijke combinatie van harde riffs en energieke folkmelodieën weten de bands elke zaal aan het dansen te krijgen. Dus strijk de zeilen, voorzie jezelf van genoeg drank en aanschouw The Dread Crew of Oddwood, Pyrates! en Plunder!



Biografie The Dread Crew of Oddwood

The Dread Crew of Oddwood is a folk metal band known for its pirate-themed music played exclusively on acoustic instruments. They have dubbed this unique style as Heavy Mahogany. Embarking from San Diego in 2008, this bloodthirsty horde has accumulated a commendable cult following in the musical underground of Southern California, and is rapidly gaining infamy throughout the far corners of the world.

Oddwood set the stage for world conquest with the release of their albums Reign the Helm in 2009 and Rocktopus in 2010. The tracks “Cities Burning” and “Kraken Skulls” hinted at the sinister influence of heavy metal on the band’s sound, while “Bottoms up,” “Leviathan,” and “The Frenchman’s Daughter” show off a more melodic side of the band’s writing. Boozing, wenching, conquering, killing, and epic storytelling are commonplace in The Dread Crew’s lyrics, and their sense of humor and theatrical brilliance surface in their blood-drenched, critically acclaimed music video for “Queen’s Decree.”

These albums’ tales of comrades lost, bloody sieges, and drunken debauchery caught on so quickly that the demand for more manly and archaic music came to a head. So, In 2012, The Dread Crew of Oddwood forged their genre defining album Heavy Mahogany. Funded by the band’s rabid fans, this award-nominated masterpiece brandishes the true voice of their genre. From the first note of “Meat, Bread, and Wine” to the last note of “Seafarer’s Medley,” Heavy Mahogany will take you on an unforgettable journey through time, space, and the seven seas. Captain William Kidd’s execution speech comes to life in “When I Sail’d,” and just when you think the fun is over, the crew sings songs of subjects as diverse as airships, zombies, demons, alcohol, and George Washington. Heavy Mahogany is the standard by which all pirate music shall be judged!

Over the past 6 years The Dread Crew of Oddwood has independently booked 8 national tours, performing at over 70 venues throughout the U.S. and Canada. In early 2015, they supported Alestorm and Swashbuckle on their quest for hooks and booty on Piratefest North America. This crew of bearded brigands packs bars and concert halls with rabid fans that flock to experience a headbanging, jig-dancing, pirate-filled adventure. Locally, they’ve directly supported the bands Turisas, Firewind, Rhapsody of Fire, Arkona, Heidevolk, Stolen Babies, Buckethead, and Steam Powered Giraffe.

By infusing the raw energy of heavy metal with Celtic folk music, The Dread Crew of Oddwood’s Heavy Mahogany style has carved a distinct and popular niche in the heavy metal community. They riff and shred on the accordion, mandolin, bouzouki, tin whistle, toy piano, acoustic guitar, upright bass, and “Oddkit”, while weaving grandiose tales of comrades lost, bloody sieges, drunken debauchery, zombies, airships, and time travel! The Dread Crew of Oddwood recently finished recording their latest acoustic monstrosity ‘Lawful Evil’ which was successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter and is set for release on March 25th 2016.



Biografie Pyrates

Pyrates! Be a sea faring band of Musical Marauders, sailing from th’ shores of the Olde Lowlands of Holland to rowdy ports across the world! A notorious band of buccaneers, who’ve imposed their own brand of pirate themed folk music upon fellow pirates an’ unfortunate landlubbers not only in the United Kingdom but across tha’ seas themselves! Able bodied bawdy balladeers armed wi’ Guitar, Bass, Drums an’ Fiddle. Dressed in full pirate costume an’ all in tha’ quay of ARRRR!

Pyrates! have requisitioned countless well known folk tunes from sailors of ages past including songs of the sea, Bawdy Ballads, Jaunty Jigs, Irish Ditties, Sea Shanties, Drinking Songs and arr’cappella folk tunes that’ll be sure ta have yez tappin’ yer foot and singing along in no time!

Pyrates! have performed to tens of thousands o’ scurvy dogs at numerous festivals over the years, making a name for themselves in the festival scene across the Netherlands, United Kingdom and Germany. They’ve performed over four hundred shows in 7 different countries across the globe!

Pyrates! have set sail for dozens of festivals over the years including:
Boomtown Fair (uk), Elf Fantasy Fair (nl), Festival Mediaval (de), Triskell Celtic Festival (it), Feuertanz (de) Festival Maritim Shanty Festival (de), Sidmouth folk festival (uk), Kendal Calling (uk), Beautiful Days (uk), Bearded Theory (uk), Bie Daip International Shanty Festival (nl), Fantasiafest de Lindenhorst(nl), Watchett Music Festival (uk), Brixham Pirate Festival (uk), Hastings Pirate Day (uk), Lömpe Klompe (nl), Lullaby Festival (nl), New Orleans Pyrate Week (usa), Phantasium Fantasy Festival (nl), Teignmouth Folk Festival (uk), Campzone(nl), Scrumpstock (uk), Penzance Pirate Day (uk), Burnham-on-sea Folk Festival (uk), Imaginarium Fantasy Festival (nl), Bideford Folk Festival (uk), Brixham Buccaneers Festival (uk), Spirit Of The Sea Festival (uk), Okehampton Battle of The Bands (winners 2007), World Walking The Plank Championships (uk), Bradninch Music Festival (uk), The Sealed Knots 50th Birthday Bash (uk), Lynton and Lynmouth Music Festival (uk),
Bimble Bandada (uk), Four Winds Festival (uk), The South West Pirate Festival (uk), Lulworth Castle Pirate Festival (uk), ScurvyScum Pirate Festival (uk) and many other ports of call!



Biografie Plunder

De vijfkoppige band Plunder is ontstaan in de wachtrij voor het festival Welcome to the Village, toen een stel muzikanten van de Academie voor Popcultuur besloot samen te gaan werken. Hiermee ging een wens van frontman Lennart in vervulling; een band starten die met folk instrumenten, muziek van verschillende culturen combineert. Plunders muziek met invloeden van folk, ska, Iers en Balkan, gecombineerd met Nederlandse teksten, is het best samen te vatten als Pirate Partyfolk. Naast de drums, de bas en gitaren voor de stevige dansbare basis, zorgen de fluit en accordeon voor de vurige folksound.

Driekwart jaar na het ontstaan treden ze voor het eerst naar buiten, voor een groot publiek op het Fries Straatfestival. Een hele reeks aan mooie feestjes volgt. In november 2015 is in een documentaire over de band Irolt te zien hoe Plunder een nummer van hen repeteert om het jaar daarop bij hun laatste optreden te komen spelen. De documentaire is te zien op NPO2 en Omrop Fryslân. In 2016 is de band naast het schrijven van nieuw materiaal, druk bezig met optreden. Zo speelt de groep bij de opening van Neushoorn in Leeuwarden en staat ze op het folk festival Pairc Pub in Joure, tussen namen als de Dublin Legends en Fiddlers Green.

Ook 2017 is tot nu toe een mooi jaar vol nieuwe avonturen, met als hoogtepunt een optreden op Keltfest en drie optredens op Castlefest. Inmiddels legt de band de laatste hand aan een eerste EP.

Met een optreden van dit bijeengeraapte zootje feestgangers komt er zoveel energie vrij, dat je festivalweide gegarandeerd geplunderd wordt!