Date : 25 / mrt / 2017
Tijd : 19:30 UUR Aanvang: 20.00 UUR Huisregels de Meester
Locatie : Grote zaal Bekijk Facebook event
Prijs : VVK: € 5 | DEUR: € 8


VVK: € 5 | DEUR: € 8



Biografie Candy’s River House

Candy’s River House is a bare bones rock and roll trio that manages a schedule of 200+ shows a year travelling the US and will be touring in Europe throughout spring 2017.
They were awarded Album of the Year and Best Rock Band in the 2016 Best of Utah Music Awards and will be releasing several new official music videos throughout the summer featuring songs off of their new album “Another Night.”

Candy’s River House is a band that’s thrilling, has bluesy moans and beefy riffs + tight & towering rhythms
It’s a loud, proud band that appeals to fans of blues-based classic rock like Free and early ZZ Top, and relatively newer bands like Gov’t Mule, The Black Crowes and The Black Keys.



Biografie The Bud spencer Rock Explosion

The Bud Spencer Rock Explosion is a band from the east of Holland.
Everyone knows, east of Holland is the place to Rock, the Bud spencer Rock Explosion is a good example of this.
Exploding rocksongs, little country hickups and maybe a lost polka, anything can happen!
Songs about daily stuff, troubles with your car or with your girlfriend(s).
The beach, food and other stuff that anyone can relate to.
Everything put together in a nice mix of simple Rock N Roll. Simple but explosive.



Biografie Jas Josland

A little bit of this and a little bit of that – is how Jas Josland describes her music – almost like a recipe book with strong Influences ranging from 60’s to the new artists surfacing the music world today. ‘Who do you sound like’ Is a common question … Well ‘ I sound like me ‘! After living in South Korea, Italy and France – Jas insists that people watching is the key to her success of song writing. “When you can’t quite speak the language – you learn a lot by watching and listening. I take it all in, then songs seem to come to me in that twilight zone – just before sleep – so I jump up and write it down” Starting her first band ‘Jazzy J and the Money Shots’ in Korea 09, she found cool Rock n Roll clubs, stoked Koreans that loved to dance and fun festivals to play at. Then moving to France brough more acoustic type venues. “I like to mix it up where I can, playing different venues with different musicians can really help you as a performer – everyone has something to offer” Of course the dream is to play the Stadiums and Huge festivals, but by doing one thing everyday – she’s turning the dream into a reality. With a South Island and New Zealand tour under her belt – she’s now based between Hong Kong and China and prides herself on the fact that at any moment she can pack up her life – to source out the next musical opportunity. Jas is currently working on an acoustic EP and keen to head to Europe next year for some Summer time touring.

Website Candy’s River House