Date : 6 / Jun / 2015
Tijd : 19:00 UUR Aanvang: 19.20 UUR 16+, ID verplicht. Huisregels de Meester
Locatie : Grote zaal en kleine zaal
Prijs : VVK €7 | DEUR €10


VVK €7 | DEUR €10
Het Celt-N-Folk feest is weer terug van weggeweest! Na de geweldige avonden met onder andere Rapalje, Omnia en Orfeo komt er weer een nieuwe editie aan met outfits, instrumenten en podiumpresentatie die zijn helemaal afgestemd op de avond en het belooft dan ook weer een feest te worden dat bol staat van de Occidentaalse, Oriëntaalse, Noorse en Keltische muziek, sfeer en decors!



Biografie Cesair

Ever since mankind learned how to speak, stories have been shared and passed down through generations. As such, legends gave birth to epic songs. It is this manner of storytelling that lies at the heart of Cesair’s music. As a band, they aim to bring to life the epic tale of the eponymous Cesair, a mythological princess that sailed the oceans 5,000 years ago. They set to music the chapters of her story, captured by the words of many romantic souls, with unique, original compositions, performed on a great variety of instruments. Their music incorporates the musical, spiritual and historical heritage of cultures from all around the Orient and Occident, creating a mixture of eastern sounds and rhythms and traditional as well as modern European folk music. They invite you to join them in a world of timeless adventures and colourful characters, and to take part in a story that may last a lifetime.



Biografie Rastaban

RASTABAN is a Tribal Folk project, a unique mix of traditional folk melodies, tribal vibes and world music elements.Their musical inspiration comes from Celtic and Nordic trads, French medieval tunes, melodies from the Balkan lands, Oriental music, as well as trance and tribal rhythms from many primordial cultures around the world, combined with the energy inherited from their previous rock or even metal projects.RASTABAN invites you to dance, to share emotions and to create a place in your every day routine to celebrate Life through the sound of their moving and energetic music.


Sowulo Sibbe 2015 groot

Biografie Sowulo

Sowulo is a Dutch pagan band that makes ambient folk music inspired by Germanic mythology. With modern-day instruments we create music that takes you back to the roots of this inspiration.
The aim of this musical project is to awaken the old Germanic gods, and to become aware of our rich spiritual heritage, the roots of which lay in these lands and were preserved by our ancestors. Still their blood flows through our veins.
Our debut album is named after the Germanic name for the sun, Alvenrad. The concept of this album is built upon the pagan year feasts. The ‘authentic’ pagan society celebrated the changing of the seasons, which was caused by the sun. Without the sun there would be no life in this world. The sun gives the earth, and all living things, a basic energy which is necessary to create and sustain life. And therefore the sun is part of us.
In 2012 we started our musical journey with recording our debut album at Orchus studio, led by Fieke van den Hurk. Our artwork producer was found in Erik Wijnands, his work in the metal scene fitted the dark and mystical atmosphere we wanted to create on this album. Jasper van Gheluwe made the band pictures for the artwork. His experience with photographing bands outdoor and in pagan style was very useful for this project. This combination of artists led to a magnificent creation.
…And now we are ready to climb the stage and join you with celebrating our great pagan legacy!



Biografie Robert den Hartigh

Robert den Hartigh (1976) speelt sinds 1993 rootsmusic, folk en countryblues. Naast het doorleefde Americana geluid, dat doorklinkt in zijn eigen songs, vertolkt en haalt hij inspiratie uit de Mississippi Deltablues en andere traditionele Amerikaanse rootsmuziek.
Naast de blues- en rootsmusic, speelt Robert af en toe een folktraditional of hillbillysong uit het diepe zuiden van Amerika. Dit doet hij met veel toewijding voor traditie. De songs van Robert den Hartigh hebben allen een eigen verhaal. De intense beleving daarvan komt recht uit het hart. Hij begeleidt zichzelf op steelguitar, mandola, akoestische gitaar en trekharmonica.
Zijn inspiratiebronnen zijn onder andere Charley Patton, Lead Belly, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Woody Guthrie, Jimmie Rodgers. Daarnaast vormt hij samen met Mario Petrus en Rik van Berlo The Campfire Collaboration, welke een mix brengt van Bluegrass, American-Irish folk en rootsmusic. Ook hierbij gebruikt Robert verschillende instrumenten. Samen met de andere leden zingt hij meerstemmig waardoor een traditioneel geluid wordt neergezet



Biografie Tipsy Gipsy

Curt Ceunen is a multi-instrumentalist composer from Belgium who creates his own unique and innovative approach to world fusion music.
Blending different musical traditions and styles of all the continents with several instruments, sometimes played simultaneously.
Playing music since his earliest age, the passion and hunger to discover new sounds and possibilities made Curt travel a lot and played in many bands as well as an established solo artist.
Some kind of energy shift occurred in 1995 when he discovered the didgeridoo. The timeless sound and vibes that this instrument unlocks was the start of a new musical journey. This mixed with his passion for history made him start playing all kind of drone instruments including flutes from all around the world and bagpipes in particular.
2005 was the year he discovered the Hang. It took several years before he found one for himself. Soon after that he started to play hang and didgeridoo simultaneously which made his trademark sound and favorite instrumental combo.
His first solo album “L’intemporel” came out in 2010 featuring his typical sound of Hang and didgeridoo also including several ethnic flutes and percussion …
Playing all over Europe and beyond in concerts, festivals, events,wedding or private parties. His favorite occupation is still traveling while playing music … a 21 st century troubadour.


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