Date : 24 / mrt / 2018
Time : 19:30 UUR Aanvang: 20.00 UUR Huisregels de Meester
Address : Grote zaal Attend on Facebook
Tel : VVK: DEUR €5,- ONLINE: €6,30 | AVONDKASSA €8,-


VVK: DEUR €5,- ONLINE: €6,30 | AVONDKASSA €8,-


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Biografie Distillator

DISTILLATOR is a 3-piece thrash metal band from Enschede, The Netherlands. Since the release of their crushing debut album “Revolutionary Cells” in 2015, DISTILLATOR is considered one of the most important newcomers in the Dutch metal scene. The band distinguishes itself through their high-pitched screams, fast guitar licks, energetic live experience and old-school looks.

By playing the amazing 70.000 Tons Of Metal Festival, touring Europe twice with Vektor and Metal Church and supporting metal titans Gojira, Anthrax and Testament, DISTILLATOR has gained fans throughout the entire world. Their second concept album introduces more diversity, melody and character than its predecessor and has elements that go far beyond the thrash metal genre. With “Summoning the Malicious”, DISTILLATOR is ready for the next step in conquering the world.

Formed in January 2013, but sounding like 1986.

Summoning The Malicious / Empire Records: May 1st 2017
Revolutionary Cells / Empire Records February 10th 2015
EP 2013 / Distillator: June 1st 2013

MEMBERS (f.l.t.r)
Frank R. – Bass / backing vocals
Laurens H. – Vocals / lead guitars
Marco P. – Drums


foto van Bütcher Speed Metal.

Biografie Bütcher

By the end of 2002, on a cold winter night, just as cliché dictates, JA Pulsatör (bass) and R Hellshrieker (vocals) were out drinking like hell. Both of them were involved in Suhrim and Battalion respectively, and these two bands were firmly rooted in the old school realm of death metal. They shared the stage quite some times until then, always chatting up on the old days and partying like it’s 1986. Anyway, that particular night the focus really shifted towards the classic and obscure speed, thrash, heavy metal acts. The idea of starting an 80’s speed metal band had been slumbering for a few months, but that particular night the spark ignited the Bütcher metal flame. PB Tormentor (drums) was also present, he talked to Johan already for years about hitting the old school style, and it just didn’t take long to figure out this was really going to happen.

Bütcher acted as a 5-piece band, with Captain Bitch and Philthy taking up the guitars. The first demo “Speed Metal Attakk” followed soon after, accompagnied by a lot of crazy shows. Inevitably, there were some changes in the line-up and the second demo “Excessive Use of Force” was recorded with Pieter and Pat. The band continued playing some wild gigs but disbanded in 2006 or 2007, who even remembers? Now, this may seem like a short lifespan and it probably was up until that point. But in the local underground everybody remembers the intensity of the shows, the beers and the good times. The audience screamed, banged and bled to songs such as Heavy Assault, Speed Metal Attakk, Seed of the Blasphemer and The Blakk Krusader.

Fast forward to 2014. Yes, again partying hard, and again that spark that wants us to get together. KK Ripper (lead guitar) is eagerly willing to rip it up with the old lads, and with blistering speed and a healthy dose of insanity there’s a new chapter in the history of this speed metal band to be written. DB Deströyer joins as a live member by the end of 2016. Acting with a no nonsense approach, the band is now a 5 piece machine of mayhem. But we would be lying if we didn’t need YOU to join us for some crazy moments. Don your spikes, buckle up your bullet belt, wear your denim vest. But don’t think for a moment this is a ‘retro’ band, ha!

Welcome to the slaughter, we’re back.



Biografie Defazer

“Thrash metal will never die.”
That’s the motto by which Defazer lives.

Inspired by bands such as Megadeth, Exodus, Testament, Slayer and Metallica (to name a few) the band’s music can be described as technical, hard and evil at times with enough ferocity to make necks break. And things are definitely not slowing down, ‘cause the hunger is big in this band with more and more shows being added to the list and bigger things being planned for the near future.

And definitely, the best way to experience the aggression: live and raw!

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