Date : 1 / feb / 2020
Time : 19:30 UUR Aanvang: 20.00 UUR Huisregels de Meester
Address : Grote zaal & kleine zaal Attend on Facebook
Tel : VVK: DEUR €3,50 ONLINE: €5,- | AVONDKASSA € 6,50


VVK: DEUR €3,50 ONLINE: €5,- | AVONDKASSA € 6,50

Zaterdag 1 februari, 2 zalen, meer info volgt.



Bagger uit Almere! Wij maken herrie, met soms een boodschap erachter, en soms niet. In ieder geval, lekkere harde punk!
Wij zijn Flotz, een punkband uit Almere. Onze muziek kan worden omschreven als harde, oorverdovende punk herrie. Om eerlijk te zijn weten we niet goed hoe we onze muziek moeten omschrijven. We maken punk, soms hardcore punk, of streetpunk, en meestal met een oldschool geluid. 

Die Nakse Bananen
Wat op 1 januari 1990 begon als een muzikale guerilla tegen de versaaïng is anno vandaag uitgegroeid tot één van ’s-neerlands bekendste punkbands. Die Nakse Bananen. Geliefd, gehaat, bemind, bedreigd, gedist, gewaardeerd, opgemerkt en genegeerd: Die Nakse Bananen heeft het allemaal gezien, beleefd en meegemaakt. Daar waar Die Nakse Bananen verschijnen gebeurd iets en meestal zijn pappa’s en mama’s daar niet blij mee!

Hailing from Holland, founded in 1982 by bassplayer Marcel and arguably one of the best bands from the golden age of European HC Punk, an age roughly between 1984-1990.
Known for their brutal Dbeat style with awesome (distorded bass) playing yet relative accomplished overall musicianship and songwriting, a not so common trait in the genre.
Toured the continent and the UK in the eighties extensively and did a couple of Vinyl releases back than from which the 2012 (US) Havoc records ‘Right is Might’ rerelease got the most raving worldwide reviews and acclaim.
Set to be released on the famous US Pusmort records back in 1986 Pushead, labelowner and friend of Metallicas, and soon to be their recordsleeve designer, told them “the Guys from Metallica were over at my house and they really liked your record”
…as did everybody else worldwide.
To this day the record has been branded “insterstellar”, amongst others, and “impossible to do again”
This release spawned the underground ‘hit ‘song (in German) “(Wir) sind die Ratten vom Müll’ which featured in a propaganda clip for the German punk (mock) political party ‘Die Anarchistiche Pogo Partei Deutschland (APPD)’ which was aired regularly nationwide in the nineties.
Originally a four piece band the band resurfaced for an Amsterdam Paradiso gig and Dutch Punk Sampler in 2013 as a three piece with original founding members and ‘artistic’ core Marcel and Ed on bass, guitar and vocals, completed with Ares on drums.
Sparked by the sheer new energy the band is gigging regularly , characterised as an energetic version of the eighties mark.
According to US fanzine Maximum RocknRoll (MRR) which reviewed the 2009 rerelease of the ‘Macht Kaputt” LP with this conclusion:
“ ..if you are buying only one reissue this year, than this is the one to get”
and concluded their MRR review of the 2012 ‘Right is Might’ rerelease on Havoc records (US) with this: “I seriously can’t listen tot his sitting down…- I have to get up and move around! This is mandatory for fans of hardcore punk!”
A new Album called ’Obuy and Die!’ will be released in february 2018 on the German label Civilisation Records, followed by more gigging in 2018 on the continent and a tour of China.

Crooked Kingdom
Dutch hardcore punk from ‘het land van Maas en Waal’ MWHC

The Medicines
The Medicines is a post-punk/gothic rock band from Almere, The Netherlands, formed in 2012. Their music combines melancholic vocals, sharp distorted guitar, driving bass, synthesizer & punchy drums.

Punkband uit Enkhuizen

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