Date : 26 / okt / 2018
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Ash Code - Band 2 (Pic by Francesca Parità)

Biografie Ash Code

Ash Code is an Italian Dark Wave band formed in 2014 in Napoli by the singer Alessandro Belluccio, the keyboardist Claudia Nottebella and the bass player Adriano Belluccio.Ash Code music covers a wide range of genres including post-punk, Synthpop and EBM.

they have toured Europe, sharing the stage with important bands of the scene such as Clan of Xymox, Minuit Machine, Sixth June, Vólkova, She Past Away, Veil Of Light, Mr.Kitty, Lebanon Hanover, The Soft Moon, Kirlian Camera, The Invincible Spirit and Agent Side Grinder.



Biografie Lifeless Past

Lifeless Past is a gloomy rockband that is founded in the city of the Hague (NL). The band came to life in the winter of 2012 by Satori who is also the co-founder of the frantic dutch electro-clash trio that was known as Pattern Cutoff. Back then Satori was also taking charge of the lead guitars in the high energy surf/garage formation from Amsterdam named Frankenberries.

Influences: The Cure, Joy Division, Cocteau Twins, The Sisters Of Mercy, Cinema Strange, Grauzone, X-Mal Deutschland, Honeyhander, Bauhaus, Public Image Ltd, Spizz Energi, Magazine, Gang Of Four, New Order…………



Biografie Stuck between

‘Leef niet naar het einde toe. Geniet juist van de reis’ is de perfecte omschrijving van de Songwriter- Electronic act Stuck Between. Deze 2-koppige bezetting bestaat uit Barend spaan (Banner.) en Randy Meinderts (NOCX). Gekenmerkt door songwriter storytelling, complexe melodieën, sterke samenzang en elektronische warmheid brengt Stuck Between een nieuwe sound aan de wereld. De muzikale invloeden komen van acts als Bon Iver, Nine Inch Nails en James Blake.


Heliophile live @ Burgerweeshuis, Deventer supporting Schwarzblut Saturday May 10th 2014

Biografie Heliophile

Heliophile is the alternative synthpop project of Gijs van Ouwerkerk from Enschede, The Netherlands, supported by a live band consisting of Maarten (keys) and Bernard (keys and vocals).

The spirit of the 80s is strong in Heliophile’s highly melodic and synth-dominated songs, but this sound is quite a natural culmination of influences and not an attempt to sound ‘retro’. Some even claim to hear traces of Gijs’ history as a death metal musician in the music! The lyrics have a depth not often heard in electronic music, with topics such as the demise of the Cathar heresy, the mystery of cosmic dark matter and the echo chamber effect in journalism.

Founded in 2010, Heliophile gradually has been building a name for itself, supporting self-released EPs “Nebula” (2013) and “Downhill from Here” (2014) with many live performances, including an appearance at I-Synth III festival (in Lille, France). For the release of their debut full-length album “Permeate” in September 2017, the band found a home at the very passionate Russian label ScentAir Records.

Gijs is also active as a live drummer, vocalist and remixer for established dark electro band Schwarzblut.

Website Ash Code
Facebook Lifeless Past
Website Heliophile