Date : 23 / apr / 2016
Tijd : 19:30 UUR Aanvang: 20.00 UUR Huisregels de Meester
Locatie : Grote zaal Attend on Facebook
Prijs : VVK: €5 | DEUR: €7


VVK: €5 | DEUR: €7

Schraap je keel en maak je borst maar nat, er is weer een nieuwe editie van Metalcore Mayhem! De nieuwe band To The Wolves host de avond en zorgen voor een goede mix van de vetste bands in de metalcore!


Persfoto To The Wolves Edit

Biografie To the Wolves

To The Wolves is een melodische metalcore band uit Almere en Lelystad.
Met invloeden als Intervals, Novelists, While She Sleeps en This or the Apocalypse zet To The Wolves nummers neer die je van strakke leads, via zweverige ambiences en catchy refreinen naar snoeiharde breakdowns brengen.

De band is opgericht in Juni 2015 uit ex leden van Merge As One en Prevent the Fall. Na de oprichting heeft To The Wolves 2 tryout shows gedaan en hebben daarna besloten om het dit keer anders aan te pakken en een stap terug te nemen om eerst een EP te schrijven en zo, met een compleet product, en als nieuwe groep, de scene in te duiken.
Hun debuut EP “MORALS”, die is opgenomen bij Backbone Audio door Mathijs Tieken (The Charm The Fury) komt uit op 23 April 2016.



Biografie 2 Years to Apocalypse

Schoolmates Rizki Calame, Dylan Wilmsen, Thomas de Rijk, met during the new semester of 2008, sharing same music taste and influences. Wanting to start up a band, due to similar taste, Dylan Wilmsen picked up the bassguitar, as Thomas taught himself the vocalist way. As half a band they decided to invite Roy Scheepstra, due to his technical abilities as a drummer. Roy and Rizki being former bandmates from previous project and Roy and Thomas being old friends. Months has past and searching for a vocalist able to pitch highly with clean vocals were still on. Upon one day they stumbled upon Ilah van der Haas, who unknowingly shared the same musictaste and influence as the rest of the band, and their search ended.



Biografie Frontstreet

Frontstreet is a band from Lelystad / Flevoland (Netherlands) influenced by rap and metal.


Martijn Huijskes: Vocals
Remy Dovianus: Guitar
Wilmar Klein: Bass
Connor van Sandijk: Drums
Mitchel Pelgrim: Samples/vocals

The idea of starting a band first came up in the summer of 2014, when Remy and Martijn were planning to record some vocals for a drum and bass track. When they were jamming to Metal on Remy’s guitar, the two instantly had the idea to make a Metal song instead. The lyrics they used had actually been written for the dnb tracks, and they wrote a new chorus together. This went so smooth that the two of them decided to write some more songs. After they had written four songs, Martijn left to live in Australia for a year.

Meanwhile, Remy kept himself busy with writing new songs for the band-to-be. Around the same time, he got asked by another Metal band from Lelystad to play some samples for them. This is how he met Wilmar, the bass player of the band. Wilmar was just as enthusiastic about the music Martijn and Remy had been working on, so they decided to re-record the bass lines of the songs. The two had a very good connection and kept writing songs together.

At the same time Remy befriended the producer Mitchel, and they taught each other some production tricks. Mitchel added some samples to the previous ones and made the music sound more complete.

Now all that was still missing was a drummer. Mitchel thought of Connor right away, so he showed the other bandmembers some videos of Connor playing the drums. The band was afraid he would not like their music as Connor was drumming in several hardcore bands. Nevertheless, they showed him some demos and got Connor on board.

In the end of 2015 Martijn came back from his travels and re-joined the band. The five of them jammed together to see if they all clicked, which resulted in them finishing three complete songs in just one jamming session. The decision to continue working together was made very easy after this session.

The band has finished recording three songs for their upcoming EP and is ready to get out there and show the world what they are made off!



Biografie Evolve

Evolve is a progressive – metalcore band from the Netherlands.

Vocals: Donovan Roubos
Rythem Guitar: Laurens Keijzer
Lead Guitar: Ramon Kluft
Bass guitar: Vincent Swart
Drums: Edwin van Eekelen

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