Date : 8 / feb / 2020
Time : 19:30 UUR Aanvang: 20:30 UUR Huisregels de Meester
Address : Grote zaal Attend on Facebook
Tel : VVK: DEUR €10,- ONLINE: €11,50 | AVONDKASSA €13,-


VVK: DEUR €10,- ONLINE: €11,50 | AVONDKASSA €13,-

Celt-n-Folk: Dark Edition.

Het Celt-N-Folk feest is weer terug van weggeweest! Na de geweldige avonden met onder andere Rapalje, Omnia en Orfeo komt er weer een nieuwe “Dark Edition” met outfits, instrumenten en podiumpresentatie die zijn helemaal afgestemd op de avond en het belooft dan ook weer een feest te worden dat bol staat van de Occidentaalse, Oriëntaalse, Noorse en Keltische muziek, sfeer en decors!


Biografie Ball Noir

Ball Noir–bio 2018-a feast of wings, candles, clocks and costumesLike obsessed alchemistsBALL NOIRmixesthe worldsof programming and electric devices withmedieval and classical instruments.Inspired by their heroes from Anathema,My DyingBrideand Qntalthey write medieval metal, witha greed for haunting melodies, dark fantasiesandsmashing heartbeats.EveryBALL NOIRlive show gives a glimpse into their laboratory: a feast ofwings, candles, clocks and costumes.BioBALL NOIR is a band of experienced musicians that had already earned their degrees in thebalfolk-and the metal scene before Ball Noir started. They come from bands like the doom-metalband Eria d’Or (warming up for Anathema, Tivoli 2001), the balfolkband Orfeo (supportingEstampie, W2 2008) and Kelten zonder Grenzen (supporting Qntal, P60 2015) among others.BALL NOIR first performed live on the Summer Darkness festival in Utrecht in 2010. After that alot of live shows followed, among them in venues like Tivoli (Utrecht), Melkweg (Amsterdam),LVC (Leiden) and on festivals like Castlefest, Summer Darkness and as a headliner onFolkwoods. BALL NOIR released their first album ‘Bitter Dreams’ in 2012 and the second album”Lost Serenades” in august 2017.

Band members

Marco van Asperen–hurdy-gurdy, electric hurdy-gurdy, electric guitar, gramophone, theremin

Jeroen Gilhuys–voice, electric guitar

Mark van den Heuvel–drums

Richard van den Hoven–bass guitar, bass clarinet

Rutger van Krieken–Programming, synthesizer

Lies Sommer–harp, hurdy-gurdy


Biografie Scarlet Stories

“Nature’s creative power is far beyond man’s instinct of destruction”

(Jules Verne, 1869)

Bloodred stories painted by dark progressive rock/metal.

This is Scarlet Stories, a Dutch band from Tilburg, who released two EP’s since 2012 and became known for their unique dark progressive music with an eclectic range of musical infuences, such as heavy metal, ambient and doom. In September 2019 they released their debut-album ‘Necrologies’ (Necrologies – obituary/list of deaths).

Scarlet Stories originally consists of Bram te Kamp and Lisette van den Berg, who started out creating melancholic acoustic songs heavily infuenced by progressive metal. After fall 2012 they decided to sculpt their music in both an acoustic and expanded form and joined forces with Tim Kuper (Kudra Mata), Maarten Grimm (Triangulum), Carmen Raats (Witte Wieven) and Sophie Ansems (Sophie Marlon, UniversalSoundShifts).

Scarlet Stories was support act for Antimatter, Danny Cavanagh (Anathema), Gus G & Marty Friedman, Stream of Passion, KLONE and more. In 2013 they released their acoustic EP ‘Scarlet Stories’, which received great reviews from the public and press. Also, with their band EP ‘Resurrection’ Scarlet Stories showed they were ready to conquer bigger stages.

Scarlet Stories’ first full-length was made possible by all crowdfunding supporters via the platform Voordekunst. The band was supported by KunstLoc Brabant and received funding from Provincie Noord- Brabant and Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds during their crowdfunding campaign.

‘”Necrologies” is a tribute to all animals and humans who suffered or died by the greed of others. It acknowledges their battle, struggle or innocence. The songs tell stories about their suffering or how they died. Our stories show the dark side of humanity and are soundtracks to emotions, injustice, murder, but also beauty and innocence. These tales are brought with a dramatic live performance and dynamics. One moment fragile and quiet, and the other moment intense and raw.

Website Ball Noir
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