Date : 19 / mei / 2017
Tijd : 22:00 UUR 18+ Huisregels de Meester
Locatie : Grote zaal Bekijk Facebook event
Prijs : VVK: € 10 | DEUR: € 15


VVK: € 10 | DEUR: € 15

It’s time to get the F*CKING Hardcore back to Almere with Meesterlijke BASS!
It has been a while since there was a sick-ass Hardcore event in Almere and that will change from now on.
Don’t think that this is a party for Hardstyle lovers, because this event will blow your freaking ears off with much Industrial hardcore, hardcore and uptempo kicks!
Only for the real hardcore heads!
Take your Australian out the closet, put your Nikes on and shave your head.
The only thing we will do at this event is: VERDOMT HARD HAKKUHHH!!

Partyraiser – The Dope Doctors – J-Roon & Kosmix – Chemical Reaction – Pdevil – Marxman – Mc Democian



Biografie Partyraiser

The name ‘Partyraiser’ appeals to the imagination of any hardcore head. Fast, driven by pure energy and harder than the rest, or as he calls it: “party in een zaagjas.” Though impossible to translate, everyone who has ever witnessed a DJ set by Partyraiser knows exactly what that means.

Wesley van Swol was born in Delft in 1977 and grew up in the village of Wateringen. While visiting hardcore parties at legendary venues like the Energiehal and Sporthallen Zuid as a young spirit in the early 1990s, he encountered a magical thing that caught his attention and enthusiasm: the craft of working the turntables, like the heroes he saw rocking at these raves. In 1993, a friend taught him the initial tricks of the trade, after which a period of intensive practicing followed for Wesley. When that same friend checked in with him half a year later, he was knocked off his feet by the skills that his buddy had developed in such a short amount of time. This had to be his calling, and so he continued. His new addiction didn’t go unnoticed by his family. One day his mother asked him to come upstairs, where she had installed a new pair of Pioneer Technics SL-MK turntables, a mixer and the rest of the package a DJ needs to kick start what would eventually become the success it is now.

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Biografie J-Roon & Kosmix

J-Roon and Kosmix’s style is best described as industrial, crossbreed, uptempo hardcore and Schranz, but they are also known for playing a bit of frenchcore and terror.

J-Roon and Kosmix have played at parties like Thunderdome, The Qontinent, Harmony of Hardcore, Footworxx, Nature One, Pandemonium, Hardcore4Life and have also played outside of The Netherlands in countries like Australia, USA, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland.

With appearances on labels like Negative Audio, Industrial Strength, Footworxx and DNA records and CD compilations like Thunderdome, Hardcore4Life and Harmony of Hardcore, J-Roon & Kosmix are working hard to produce hard solid tracks that reflect their vision of today’s hardcore.

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Biografie The Dope Doctors

These guys are not your average doctors. Using a combination of brutal sounds and pounding drums they will cure you from the disease known as your daily grind. They have proven their medication’s ability with releases on PRR, Kurrupt Recordings and Darkside Unleashed. Their latest medicine, Like A Champion, is a sure way to get your daily fix of hardcore. The medication produced by them has already proved to be successful on two occasions. Gangsta Shit and Like A Champion both have reached the #1 spot on the Hardtunes top 100. For the chronically ill, they’ve set up a monthly podcast called Illegal Overdose to keep up with all their latest work.

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Biografie Pdevil

Pdevil, is a hardcore DJ from Hengelo (the Netherlands) with a big passion for hard dance music.
He spent a lot of time in music since he was a child. He started playing guitar when he was 6 years old and stopped when he was 12, because DJing is more his thing.
After a lot of experience and performances he made his own podcasts called Power Hour & Special Guest Podcast.
In April 2016 he was asked to do a hardcore podcast at HardstyleFM. He never hesitate and said: “yes, of course”.
Because there is a difference between hardstyle and hardcore he called his podcast Devil’s Brain Confusion, because your brain get confused by listening it!
Pdevil is not only known in the hardcore scène, he’s has got 2 other names:

– Galassia (house, dance, EDM) started in 2016
– Mad Accelerator (terror & frenchcore) started in 2014

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Biografie Marxman

Dj Marxman is a upcoming Hardcore Dj who loves all styles in Hardcore. at 15 years old he started mixing and learned the basics from the great lessons he got from Dj Lunatic. Marxman favourites the harder genres in Hardcore with Industrial Hardcore as his favourite genre. Marxman has a very unique way of Dj’ing and shows his skill during his set’s and podcast’s. So if you want to hear some of his awesome HARDCORE sets, be sure to check him out!

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Chemical Reaction


Biografie Chemical Reaction

Chemical Reaction is a two man project that began four years ago with mixing Industrial Hardcore with Crossbreed Terror and sometimes jungle Drum and Bass.

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Mc Democian


Biografie Mc Democian

An MC full energy and passion!

Performed at: Loudness, Defqon.1, Q-Base, Freaqshow

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